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New Year

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New Year's Games for Adults

New year is a special holiday. He is the best holiday for many people. We look forward to this celebration, and we want it to go great and unforgettable on a new year's night.

So it's very important that we not just sit at the table and try all the dishes in a row, but we're having fun. And for this, different games and adult competitions can be used. These games can be used both in their family, friends and in the New Year meeting with their work colleagues.

(1) The bottle. Many of you have come to mind that in this competition, you will have to kiss, but that's not true, except at the last stage, if you want to do it yourself and a man will be nice!
The game's the same... I mean, we're gonna cut a bottle. Who's got a bottle on, he's drinking alcohol. It's possible with or without Zaku. Let's play before we get tired of playing or drinking!

(2) This competition is called the Kowboy. The two participants are on different sides of the table. The third has to knock a fist on the table. On the signal, participants drink vodka fast. He wins the one who puts the empty tank on the table with the grochetes.

(3) “Recall childhood”. Two men come out for the competition. They're given beer glass bottles. At the end of the nipple. It's winning someone who's gonna drink beer faster through his nipple.

(4) Name of " The most sensitive " competition. Women are involved, who must face the audience. There's a chair behind them. Every chair, unnoticed, has a small object. On the team, all the participants sit on a chair and try to guess what's underneath them. It's forbidden to watch and touch the object. He's winning the one who can guess what she has under...

(5) "Dear, kiss me!" Choose one man, blindfold him. Women change their place in the hall or room and die. A man has to kiss all women for a while. Underneath women, for laughter, other men may be masked. Then we choose the 2nd man and compare time. Wins who's faster.

6. Estaféta. There are two teams with the same number, number of participants, but a better number. There's two chairs at the end of the room, and there's a bottle of alcohol and a pin. The first one runs to chairs, quickly pours a shot, runs back and gets caught at the end of the players. The next players are running fast and the hall is drinking the contents of the back. Once they're runnin', they pour... et cetera. Whose bottle is more devastated, that team will win.

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