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The year 2015 is five. Throughout this time, the Sneil Center has been successfully cooperating with the author ' s team of directors of assignments of the Siberia State University of Physical Culture and Sports, under the leadership of the President of the Kand, a faculty of science, Dozena Aleksandrovna Melnikova. More than 92,000 participants from 78 regions of the Russian Federation attended the Orlönka competition games; Republic of Kazakhstanthe Republic of Moldova.

In the forefront of its first anniversary, the Sneil Centre and the Orlón Physical Culture Curriculum announce a copying contest. " Orleat assignments "

Sneil is invited to participate in the competition Oralate assignments Physic culture teachers, physical education instructors, teachers and primary school teachers who are unsuitable to sports!

Conditions for competition

- The bidders send copy assignments;

- The assignments should be in line with the following sections of the Orlón physical culture competition: from the history of sport and the Olympic movement, gymnastics every day, gymnastics, sports theoretics;

- Number of assignments from one participant from 1 to 10.

Specifications for assignments

- Consistency with " Physical culture " ;

- No methodological errors;

- Consistent with the knowledge of a given age group;

- The content of play or developing elements;

- Test form (open or closed). If the assignment is a closed type test, it shall contain four versions of the answers, one or two of which shall be correct. If an open-ended test assignment, the answer must be either a word (not more than 8 letters) or a number.

- Mandatory indication of the correct answer;

- Complexity assessment: 3, 4, 5;

- The assignments are sent in MS Word: Time New Roman, Kegl 12, field: upper 2 cm, lower 2 cm, left 2, 5 cm, right 1 cm;

- The drawings are attached to a separate file in formats - jpg, png.

Age groups

Kindergarten, 1 class, 2 class, 3 grade, 4 grade, 5, 6 class, 7 class, 8 class, 9 class, 10 and 1 NGO course students, 11 class, and 2 NGO students (NGOs);

competition time



The results of the " Oralate Challenges " competition are presented to the jury under the leadership of the Director of the Sneil Centre, Nazkevich Yulia Aleksandrovna, and the President of the competition for the Orlenok physical culture competition, Melnikov Yuli Aleksandrovna. The assignments that have been selected will be retained in the Orlono Games Bank and included in the mission of the fifth competition.

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