Games And Competitions For A Fun Company

Game and recreational contests with a fun company
Самые прикольные конкурсы для

Times when people just did what they were sitting at the tables, eating an incredible amount of food and drinks, passed. At present, the trend towards celebrations has changed somewhat: the young and middle age are now considered to be a good and productive posture rather than just fun. competition timejokes and games.

At least one leading (activist) player who predefined the games and developed the entertainment plan should be in the company for any competition. The challenge of the first competition is simple: the volunteer must come out at the table and pass through gestures and mimics to the story of the song that he will be asked to hear (in the headphones) by the lead. The first man from the stairwell company who's rightly guessing the song wins.

The moderator invites the parties to the fun castle to pull the paper cuts (sticks) from the hat with the words written on them. Words must be consistent with the themes of the stalemate (new-year-old corporation, News, New Year ' s meeting, friends ' meeting). The essence of the contest is that every person who comes out of a leaflet with a word must perform a song in which that word will meet on several occasions. You can play a more active team game. The guests are divided into two teams and managed with an unsatisfactory task: they need to move any round items from one room to another without help. The difficulty is that participants will have to seal these items in a variety of ways: between knees, between backs, etc. He wins a team that can handle the mission faster. It is important to take into account the size of the room and, if necessary, to put the table aside, since the guests who have been evicted may occasionally be sniffed.

The next competition requires an even number of participants and lead. Volunteers are split by couple, and each couple is tied by hands so that the left hand of the participant is necessarily tied to the right hand of his partner. The second hand of each one must remain free. Each couple is then faced with a certain task: to tie a banik with a gift box, to play guitar. The essence of the game is that the couple has to act in a coherent manner: one participant is left hand and the other is right.

You can have a great time playing chess on nature. Photo:

The volunteers, with a transparent tape on their forehead, have a styker with a certain talented character. The point is, participants can see their opponents other than their own. The challenge is to guess what character is on your own forehead. These may be the heroes of the Multhylms and TVs, historical figures, stars of the estrades and movies, etc.
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