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A-K competition

Baga Yaga

Play team. The games are divided into several teams, depending on the number. The first player in his hand is a stitch, one leg he becomes in a bucket, one hand he holds behind the bucket and the other is behind the bow. In this position, the player should run a distance and hand over the equipment to the next.



The games are divided into teams, but you can do without it. The players are issued in two cards (possibly ordinary paper). The challenge for these cardboards is "cocks," moving from one to the other, as fast as possible, through the "bolt."


There'll be two chairs back to each other. There's a rope under the chairs. Players sitting on chairs should, on the command of the lead, grab the end of the rope as soon as possible and pull it to their own. That's the first time he won.

Gate 2

Two pairs are called.
There's a rope between two chairs.
The guy and the girl squeeze the ball and, without touching the ball with their hands, they walk under a rope.
It's the second couple.
Then the rope goes down.
Repeat until one of the couple can overcome the obstacle.


Several pairs of M/W are involved. The game requires plugs by number of games and a little string.
The plugs are tied to the ropes around the knee level (to be tested) behind. The purpose of the game is to face each other, to catch fork. Attention. Girls' skirts don't interfere! The complexity can be regulated by the length of the string.

Get the apple.

A big pelvis of water is needed for the game. There are a few apples throwing in the pelvis, and then the player kneels in front of the pelvis, holding hands behind his back, trying to catch the apple and get it out of the water.


There are several people coming from the company, each of them pulls a note from the box indicating which animal he needs to be painted.

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