Happy Birthday Contests

Adult competition
организация дня рождения

Everyone knows that every adult has a child! We all love being kids sometimes, for one night. A great occasion for this will be a party with fun competitions that will give you the sea of admiration and joy!

Plumbing bear

Players get round. The host is making a tedious toy. Like a bear. Each participant should kiss the bear anywhere. The leader then asks everyone to kiss their neighbour the same place they kissed the bear.


All participants sit in circles, each has a styker on the forehead that says the name of a famous person or a fabulous character. The challenge for each participant is that he must guess what man's name is written on his ticker.
He can find out by asking questions.

Male hair

Participants are split by pair. Girls get hair rubbers. Girls have to make their boys pretty hairy with rubber. Whose hair will be the most beautiful guests think it won.
To do better, girls can be given not only rubber, but also hair, hair, etc.

Have a drink.

There are drinks on the table. The number of holds should be one less number of players. Signalers are starting to walk around the table. When the lead claps in the palms, they stop, and everyone drinks the shot he got. Who's left without a shot is out of the game.
After that, all the holds are filled again and their number should be one less than the number of remaining players.


It takes a glass and some drink. The first guest sitting at the table pours a little drink. The second one's on it. When the glass is filled and the drink starts to spill over the edge, then the guest on which it happened should say a toast and drink the contents of the glass.

Kiss or bite?

All interested may participate in the competition. Everyone's in the neck, or they're sitting at the table as comfortable. First guest says he likes or doesn't like the neighbor. That's what other participants do.

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