Very Funny Birthday Contests

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Главное, чтоб дети улыбались

- Welcome!
Pick up some waterers for the game. They need to put leaflets on their backs with the names of different " institutions " : detention facility, strip bar, nudist beach, bath, gynecologist ' s office, public thought, public toilet, etc.
His own leaf is driving
I don't have to see them.
and read it.
other players.
Drivers " are moving " to an institution that has been received, and other participants are asking questions that the driver of " frankly and creatively " remains unaware of where he is.
Issues may vary widely:
♪ How often are you there?
♪ Who escorts you there?
♪ What are you taking with you?
♪ What are you wearing?
♪ Who are you spending time with?
♪ What music do you listen to?
♪ Are you eating something or not?
♪ Do you have time to read it and what exactly do you read?
♪ Are you taking pictures? Where can I see these photos?
♪ How much do you pay for that?
♪ Does your wife know that?
♪ Are you enjoying it?

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