Games And Birthday Contests

A teenager's birthday contest
Застольные конкурсы на день

Adolescents are very active, so adults believe that they have enough to cover a good table on their birthday and to provide a dance room for fashion music. However, they are mistaken, and teenagers, like younger children, don't mind participating in different competitions. You can't regret what you're offering.

Candy drums

The competition will require any lemons in the racket. The two participants are invited to print the candy in their mouths and, without laughter, to read: " Sweetie - Barabashka " . Eat the candy of the participant fails, and after each line, the new candy fills his mouth, and it gets harder to say. But the contest starts to be silent.

There are monkeys in the room.

It's a humor contest for teenagers. Four applicants are invited to attend. When the composition of the participants is determined, a packaging shall be placed at the corners of the banana. It's a challenge for the quadrants, without using their hands, to clean and eat the banana. He wins the first one. But you have to be careful - banana can slip out and fall on the floor at any time.

Your little one.

This is an adolescent contest if there are no offending children. So, the birthday boy is blindfolded, and the arms are put on. And now he's got to I.D. anyone who's quiet enough to welcome him. He can feel a toast, but it's forbidden to take a birthday party. So, there's a joke going on with his/her.

For sweets

Only the real sweets will risk taking part in this competition because the participants will have to get out of a plate with an estimated chocolate candy in front of them. The result may be different, but the fact that the contestants after this assignment will go washing is definitely.


I guess every teenager can whistle, and one of the guests present has the most virtuous whistle and is asked to check in this competition. A person of 6 to 7 applicants is invited. There's a fun people's song on it, and even better, it's a lot of people that each of the participants should be tactical and meaningful.


For this competition, the leader should make more maps with the names of different cities. Now each of the contestants will be able to travel. But for that, he must answer the country in which the city in his card is located. If the answer is incorrect, the player " off the train " , if loyal, receives the next card and the cruise continues.

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