Birthday Competition

и конкурсы в день рождения

Each contestant is given ribbons swapped to clubs to be held in the right hand. Men's mission: lips take a ribbon to the end and brush a woman with no hands. The winner is who creates the best outfit, or the fastest.

Number of participants

Prepare pieces of paper on which parts of the body are recorded. Turn it off and put it in a bag or a bag. Participants are selected, and they are on line. The first two must leap to each other precisely the parts that were recorded on the extracted leaflet. The second and third repeat the procedure. It's the end of a chain of people. To be more interesting, we can repeat the whole scenario in the second round, but not to be distracted, which will make it more difficult and fun. So the circle is: the first one is connected to the last and second, and so on. The fun is in the process.

Drink and drink

Prepare three glasses, two of which are the usual water and the last one the vodka. A participant needs to be blindfolded and glasses to change places. It's gonna be a drink from one, and a drink from the next glass.

Get a shot.

Several drinks are filled with any drink and placed on the floor. The participant needs to be side-by-side and take as much as possible. This is followed by the task of extracting from this provision its backbone, and it is not possible to turn, shift and touch the floor with hands and knees.

Pass the ball.

We need two teams of women and men. The participants should be able to face each other in two ways: man, woman, etc. Participants are given a ball that needs to be kept under the chin and hand-delivered to other participants. You can squeeze the ball with anything, but not with your hands, and put it at the end of the team line. You can't steal the ball.

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