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The leading artist of the olga of the Kurossov hills
В женской компании особая

Options for groom competitions
Of course, the fiancé must be prepared to steal the bride and repaid with the purchase and execution of the verbs. For example, you can get the groom to squeeze a hundred times. Or charge him and a witness in a ballet pack and a laste and turn on any music. The competition is good that there is a need to improvise, with music, and with the “costomms”, as fantasizes.

Make a tyre for the groom: he'll have to be darts in the balloons inside which are quoted from the Instructions on Application to the wife:

Always love and protect;
To allow dating girlfriends;
Domestic help;
Don't forget about compliments and gifts, etc.

Setting up entertainment for witnesses and guests.
Witnesses are not the most important person at the wedding. By means of assistance to witnesses in the competition, the leading person gives the moods and fun to guests and new ones.

There are many competitions for witnesses, too. Usually. The most ridiculous competitions at the wedding, because the task of witnesses is to exaggerate guests, not to let them miss and sit there. Witnesses must therefore be positive and easy to rise.
They can compete among themselves:
- who will collect the biggest puppet in the dance,
- who can get more guests to compete,
- who's gonna tear ten balls apart.

One of the most popular polished contests: the witness takes pink lipsticks and the witness is blue, after which they start to evade guests by buying a vote for the boy or the first-born girl. Whoever gets more, he wins that sex, I believe the first baby will be born.

The main need for couples or teams to compete with witnesses and guests. Often, it's an elastic competition. Start thinking about what symbolic prizes will be played.

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