Funny Adult Birthday Games

New interesting quiz on behalf
Новогодние конкурсы для

Complex task in selecting keys for the only castle

It's about time. Two players are selected to be placed on the key chain. Each participant also receives a hinged castle.

One of the keys should approach the castle. Whoever's the first one to open the castle won. The competition can be even more interesting if you attach the lock to the closet where a pleasant surprise will be hidden.

Command competition to wear a partner for prizes

We need to prep two bags of clothes. The participants are blindfolded. The competition is to wear your partner as soon as possible. After a specified time interval, participants are blindfolded and assessed the correctness of their partners.

It's funny if you give a package of women's clothes to a couple of men. Picking clothes in bags requires the same difficulty.

Pass the ball in the form of a sausage or lose.

I need a balloon that resembles a sausage. If there's no balloon like that, you can take anyone who can fit between his legs. They put them in a row, squeeze the ball between their legs and ask to hand over the balloon to each other without using hands. If one participant dropped the ball, it is removed or fined. To make the contest even more fun, you can share it with the team.

Adult Game to the funny game of the Ends

It is desirable that there be no beating objects in the play room. Adults must sit across from each other and be attached to their backs.

The challenge for the players is to prevent the adversary from reading what he says on his back, and in turn, to gain access to another paper. It's gonna have to work, so they're gonna win the fastest.

Solo-to-to-size-float competition

We need to put two glasses of any liquid. The player's mission is to spill fluid from one tank to another. A number of people can participate in this competition and whose glass is the first to be complete, it won.

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