The Funnyest Birthday Contest

Birthday competition
Такой же песенный конкурс

Birthday competition
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A successful child's holiday is fun. I mean, grown-ups at the table aren't gonna fit the kids, but that's why we need to entertain them so we can celebrate. Fortunately, it's hard to do with the best bidding options and the desire to make a holiday unforgettable for your chada and his little guests. That's why we're offering you fun birthday contests that kids are gonna love.

- Orange races--
This competition will require splitting children into two teams and recruiting many oranges (any other fruit of this kind). The point is, for participants to run a distance with their hands tied behind their backs, take the orange, keep it between the chest and the chin, and return it to the basket or to the plate of their team. Then the oranges can be given to a birthday boy who will determine the winners.

- Just bubbles--
It's one of the kids. Birthday competitionwhich can be done at home. The result promises to be very fun. The lead asks the kids simple questions like, "What's your name?", which they should respond quickly to only one word, "the paper." Such a competition would suit the kids who would be hard enough.

- The stories...
And this birthday contest will also test the readability of small guests. The lead must collect citations from popular child tales, and children must be told which story a quote was taken. In order to calculate the correct answers, participants may be given some sort of stuff like the badges.

- A balloon smashing--
Funny competition, which, by the way, will fit older children. A balloon is placed on the edge of the table, and the participant is blindfolded and placed in it. The participant must now turn his back to him and take four steps forward, turn and tell him to reach the balloon and blow it. He's probably going in the wrong direction and blowing into the void. The sea of laugh is guaranteed!

- Unusual dances--
Here, you're gonna need a big book, a picture, a casserole lid or another such thing. The idea of a competition is that children, when they break into couples, dance with and leave the subject together. Wins a couple that lasts for the most.

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