To Entertain Guests At Their Birthday

Like having fun at the birthday party
Игры и веселья для детей: 20

You will.

  • - questions for quiz;
  • - Children ' s story;
  • - The hat.


Do you think your loved ones know you well? See if it's the same thing and have fun with your guests. Make questions (or make them right during the holiday) concerning your appearance, nature, preferences. The assignments can be basic. Ask about your favorite subject at school, the shade you prefer in your clothes. There's a chance that a part of the participants will be able to wonder what color your eyes are. The victorine wins a symbolic prize.

Of course, guests can share stories about how they first met the birthday party, but you and your loved ones are likely to know that. Invite guests to fantasize and come up with a new memory of how you met. Any time, situation and age are appropriate to accomplish this mission, depending on the imagination of your relatives and friends.

Many companies like to spend time playing crocodile. Choose a lead who, by gesture, will show his word or word. The rest of the game needs to figure out what was encrypted for waving hands and fun clips. The man who gave the right answer becomes the lead. Such a game can be fun for both young people and the older generation.

Put the improvised play. As a scenario, it's best to use a well-known child book. Distribute the role between guests and use not only the “living” characters, but also the objects and phenomena. Start reading the fairy tale, and the actors, hearing their hero's name, let's go to the stage and act. The princess can walk around the window, butterfly, the river, run, and the wind blow. Pick up every fun part.

Fantas are another popular fan. company games♪ Designate a lead who collects the Danes from other players - rings, bracelets, watches, cuffs or any other small items belonging to them. Put your treasure in the hat. Also select a volunteer who'll give up assignments. The lead must deliver one thing from the hat so that the delegated volunteer does not see them, and ask what the master of the fantas should do, and the players should perform the assignments he has received. Try to remember all the guests and don't make Grandma get on the closet to get out of there.

As we plan to invite guests, we always want the programme to be a little different from the traditional salad and alcohol table, balcony smokes and slutty talk. To surprise guests, we need to come up with something more original.
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