Interesting Birthday

How to organize an interesting birthday
Страшно-интересный День

Изображение с названием Have a Birthday Party Step 1You celebrate birthday from year to year. How do we make every celebration unforgettable? Get your plan and inspiration!


  1. Think of the subject. Choose a suitable idea for the holiday based on the age, sex, interests and interests of all guests.
    • You can retrieve and organize all the ceremonies in your chosen style or use the " soft " option to include only thematic decorations or treating.
  2. Plan ahead. Set up a list of guests and send out invitations at least two weeks before the scheduled date, and at a large event earlier. By planning, you will draw up an idea of the size of the company and be able to choose the location.
  3. Organize a musical escort.Изображение с названием Have a Birthday Party Step 2 Prepare a reproducing machine, be it a tape recorder, a phone with dynamics, a player or a DJ remote.
    • Even if the discotheque is not planned, background music will help create the right atmosphere. You've got to have a choice of various fast, slow, melody, calm composions in your hand, so everyone can get into the celebrity.
    • For the children's celebration, make some chines that will suit children and not irritate parents. To celebrate in adulthood, you'll have a different genre music for any taste.
  4. Think about the layout. Air balls and posters are at every party, so get creative! For example, painted golden peanuts can play the role of treasures at a pirate party, and the haystick will have great seats in the spirit of the Wild West.
  5. Get the thematic table. It could be Hawaiian fruit cocktails for the loo, and for a birthday party in the backyard sausage. A treat that is convenient and easy to take is the best option, especially for young guests.
    • For adults, e.g. salsa chips, cheese, crackers and other light snacks.Изображение с названием Have a Birthday Party Step 3 Prepare the kitchens in advance to enjoy the company of friends, not to spend time in the kitchen.
  6. Disseminate guests. Provide opportunities for communication between different people, especially older persons, and for child games. The party will be revived by various fun. The ideas of entertainment that correspond to the subject of your holiday can be viewed online.
    • Depending on the composition of the guests, offer different games and contests and distribute them evenly for the whole period of the party. Behave active games, such as Twister or Troy Race (when one leg of the runner is tied to the leg of the partner) and calm exercises, such as Risumey, Charades, desk games.
  7. Be ready for surprises! This is particularly the case for children ' s holidays where there is a high probability of extracurate situations.Изображение с названием Have a Birthday Party Step 4 You're afraid of extra game ideas, souvenirs, make a rainy weather plan.
    • There's nothing special for adults, but still have food and competition in case more people come than you expected. And vice versa, be prepared to be the focus of attention and entertain a small company if some of the guests don't show up.
  8. Don't forget the memorable gifts! Again, try to make presentations according to the subject of the party and the age of guests. Kids will come up with chocolate kits and developing toys.
    • If the event is intended for an adult audience, it is possible to avoid sweet hotels. But that doesn't mean the guests have to go home without a memorable souvenir. For example, during fun, do improvised funny photos, and at the end, print and hand to friends (or come later). You can give all the funny attributes, darts, cotton, tongues.
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