Stock Games For The Corporation

Corporal shouting for a corporation or party on 8 March
Застольные кричалки на 23

At corporate parties, board games (Victorines, tests, toasts, etc.) are very good at making fun, filling out the congratulations and entertaining guests at the beginning of the holiday when guests are not ready to participate in active entertainment.

But sometimes the party organizers want to throw a good pace at the party, in this case, we can spend the first minutes of a meeting - a stun-snooper for a corporation like this one built for a corporation to celebrate a women's holiday. The collection also included new copyright screams, which could be held at any friendly or family party, or by congratulating colleagues directly in the workplace.

1. Greeting noise for the corporation on 8 March.

(author N. Khudashov)

1 Lead:

Who's happy here is clapping in the lads!
Well, whoever's doing it, we're all clapping!

2 Lead:
Who's happily married here is all hands!
And who's holding our feet today!

1 Lead:
Who's willing to congratulate, we're clapping!
Well, who kisses, we all clap!

2 Lead:

Who bought the gifts is all hands!
Who's got a bottle, we're kicking our feet!

1 Lead:
Playing games that we're ready to play.
To have fun, to dance, we're all clapping!

If you're ready to congratulate me, you're done!

And who drinks drinks is kicking our feet!

What's your hand?

It's time to get drunk!

They also give a good charge to the holiday and give due attention to the culprits of various kinds of celebratory screams of joke or lire.

2. Shock screaming, Eight March!


We don't miss, of course.

We're burning the wheel!

Congratulations today:

All of them!


The hall is stolen, ladies are here.

They won't run anywhere.

Everyone's wearing "very Good!"

You're a high-level colleague.

We couldn't do it without you!

You're happy to see us.

We wish for happiness,

Two million algae roses,

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