Competition Issues

Issues and answers

When can I compete?

The competition may be held at any time from 1 March to 1 April 2016.

Until what time can students be registered?

Student registration is possible before the end of the competition.

How much is the competition worth?

The cost of participation in all Olympics competitions if the student registers 150 roubles.

The cost of individual participation in all competitions is 300 rubles.

If the student is going to compete in several subjects, is he supposed to pay for each item separately?

No. By paying for the competition, the student will be able to compete for all subjects.

Why is participation paid?

Международные дистанционные образовательные конкурсы для учеников 1-11 классовParticipation will cover organizational costs: prizes, diplomas, certificates, certificates, medals, commemorative gifts, teachers ' salaries competitive assignmentsprogramming, design, maintenance, counselling, postal services and other costs.

Who can compete?

We invite all pupils from grades 1 to 11, as well as students from other educational establishments (colleges, technicians, schools, STIs) of the Russian Federation and Russian schools of other countries. It's not olimpiad, there are various degrees of complexity in the competition, so all students can participate in the competition without exception.

How to compete?

How do you pay for the competition?

Do you have to introduce FIS, class and level of pupil complexity?

No, not necessarily. If you don't give this information, it's gonna have to be introduced by the students themselves once you're connected to the password competition.

I have registered and paid for the participation of students, but there are others who wish to participate. Can the list of students be added and their participation paid?

Yeah, you can always fill the list of students and pay for their participation before the end of the contest. At the same time, your compensation will be recalculated in your favour.

Can we register and participate individually (without a teacher)?

Yes, I can. Individual participation is 300 rubies.

Council: Invite its teacher to participate in the competition and to participate in the competition at no cost (individual participation is 300 rubles). Besides, by letting your teacher, you can win the LENOVO A7-10F 7 tablet computer." Details.

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