Questions Of The Bride And Groom At The Wedding

Test questions for the bride and groom
Розыгрыши и конкурсы на

By the time of your wedding, I'm sure you've studied your chosen man, what's called, "from and to," his habits, interests, addiction that you love and don't like your favorite man. And checking how well you know your second half, very simple, and will help you with our fun test for the groom and bride to know each other.

The test has both serious and joke questions. You can use it as one of the bride price contests or as an entertainment contest. the bride and groom during the show program at the banquet. I'm sure all guests will be interested in hearing answers and laughing at some of them.

  1. That the fiancé would save the fire first?
  2. What's the stupidest groom ever done in his life?
  3. What's the crazyest groom ever done in his life?
  4. What's the most romantic groom ever done in his life?
  5. What kind of unexpected place did you have to kiss?
  6. What's the most annoying habit of the groom?
  7. What's your favorite part of the groom's body?
  8. Where would you like to go on your wedding trip if you could choose any Earth point?
  9. Which one of the actors would be a groom player in a movie he's devoted to?
  10. How many kids do the fiancé want?
  11. Would you trust the fiancé to choose the bride's wedding dress? And the bride's suit?
  12. Do you remember the exact date when you started dating and where did your relationship start?
  13. What's the favorite dish of the groom?
  14. Who's in charge?
  15. What does the fiancé call the bride? And the bride of the groom?
  16. Would you rather spend the evening alone with a loved man or a company with a loved man and friends?
  17. What's the groom's favorite song?
  18. What movie was the first time you looked at the theater together?
  19. What's the favorite time of the groom's year?
  20. What exactly did the groom say when he proposed?
  21. Under what circumstances did your familiarity happen?
  22. If you could go back to the past and change something in your relationship, what would it be?
  23. First thing you thought, seeing the future spouse?
  24. Which one of the multers is the groom?
  25. What kind of school was the bride's favorite?
  26. What was the first love of the groom?
  27. What gift does the groom want?
  28. Where would the fiancé live if he could choose any country?
  29. Will you, after the wedding, call the parents of the husband(s) “mama” and “papa” or by name, by “you” or by “you”?
  30. What's your fiancé in ten years?
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