Games On The Anniversary Of A Woman

Games and competitions for women
Сценарий юбилея женщины 45 лет

For most women, the birthday is both a sad and fun holiday. And the older the lady gets, the sicker she gets through every new birthday. However, when it comes to the anniversary, many women forget about age and just have fun at their holidays. It is not surprising, therefore, that almost all women are trying to organize the most fun and resembled anniversary. It helps them play funny games and contests on a woman's anniversary.

Single nanny

This fun contest was made for women, so they're perfect for this party. It will require all the guests of the anniversary to be divided into several teams for which the clothing kits are to be prepared in advance. One woman on the team should be a child, and others should be a babysitter. The essence of the competition is that the nanny must wear the child as soon as possible. But the main feature of this competition is that wearing a " baby " , ladies have only one hand, which is rather uncomfortable. Women will need to learn how to operate on the team so that their chado is dressed as quickly as possible to walk.

Let's get gas to speed.

This fun competition can also be perfect for the women ' s anniversary, as only the guests of the beautiful half of the party can attend. Several condom packages should be prepared in advance, without which the winner could not be identified. Besides, you're gonna need some of the same glasses and a couple of bottles of gasoline to do this really funny competition.

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