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Adult Game sold a 10-year-old schoolgirl in a nursery
я придумала и нарисовала

ONF activists, together with unequal parents, conducted a check-up at one of the outlets.

After a report that one of Tomska's children's shops sells an adult game, the General People ' s Front (ONF) activists decided to purchase a check-up and find out if the game with a 16+ 10-year-old schoolchild will sell.

Everything that's going on was on a hidden camera. Turns out adult games at the Children's Park store can buy anyone who wants to. Laif's record shows how the cashier sold the girl with a box of 16+. In another department, a schoolgirl bought a computer game with an age limit of 18+.

♪ There was a problem at the legislative level, commented on the member of ONF Constantin Yudenko. - Our country has a law to protect children from information that may harm them, but I believe that sanctions should be tightened and that every effort should be made to control this situation.

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