Fancy party contests
Хороший тамада и конкурсы

This competition is a distinctive bowling simulation. At one end of the room, plastic bottles are displayed which will serve as keels. The contest is presented on the ball. They're trying to smash the kegs. The player who hits a lot of kegel and will win.

A serious face

Boys and girls should be invited to compete. Girls are building a corridor, and at the end, they're putting a girl in the hospital. The task of each of the guys is to go through the women's corridor and kiss the captain.
You can't laugh at all. But girls are trying to make fun of a guy walking through the hall. If the guy laughed, he's out of the game if the whole corridor passes, he deserves a kiss and a prize.


Three volunteers will be required for the competition. They come out of the general hall to the next room. Between the floor and the room, there are sheets with three cuts. Three girls with lips painted from the hall. Each of them brings lips to the hole in the sheet. Every young man has to kiss every girl.
Then the lead asks the boys about their feelings. While the guys share impressions, the girls are hiding, and instead they're handing down guys with lips. When the sheets fall, the effect is striking.

Pass the map.

The games are in the circle. One of them gives a game card, he clicks it with his lips. So he's sending her to a neighbor, a neighbor to the next player, and so on. When the music comes, it's out of the game.
Therefore, the task of players is to transfer the map to another as soon as possible.


All participants share two teams. One volunteer is selected from each team to wear different clothes. The task of the team is to wear as many clothes as possible on the volunteer. Where do you get your clothes? Take off the other players!


Players split into two teams. Team captains get sticks and balls. On the bell, the lead captains have to put the ball in the gates that are at the other end of the hall. The players then return and hand the ball stick to the next player.
The team that players will beat the balls faster.


In the middle of the room, they put the pills upside down. Participants are given match boxes. On the signal of the lead, they should run to the pills and put boxes on the tabster legs... It's important to make it quick and so that boxes don't fall. Whoever can handle the mission faster, he wins.

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