Visitors For Birthday

What can mime do at your party
Развлечь гостей на День

Mima Hostez - meeting and entertaining guests, funny drawings and improvising with guests + comical photos.

The mimes for the wedding are Romantic images of myma Rangels, or mime francs, fun drawings with guests, wedding numbers for musical escort, meeting and entertaining guests.

Mimas Birthday - It's a fun surprise - a prank for a birthday party, a miniatur-- a balloon show, a meeting and entertainment of guests, a playbook for a birthday party.

Presentations - guests ' meeting, fun setting miniatures for the opening or presentation of goods and services. Our mimes may be in costumes that will display the concept of a firm or company, all proposals are being considered!

Mimas at the corporation - unusual actors on a holiday in the image of the past will create a beautiful atmosphere at any event. Meeting and entertaining guests, unintentionally engaging in fun improvisation, thematic scenarios depending on the concept of celebration.

Mimas for a children ' s holiday - competitions, games, fun acting exercises for children in clown genre and patomima. Pantomime Master, unusual plastic training, professional grim.

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