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Good afternoon, beautiful ladies. Not for the first time, but I hope that this time I get what I want is an interesting and long game on the following lines:
1. You've just been working for a huge corporation, not for whom, but for the president of the company. However, you have to receive orders from him either by electronic means or by telephone or by third parties. So you've been working for a month without seeing your boss. Meanwhile, hundreds of fans in the company want to be closer to you in every sense of the word. By the way, there's only three girls in this company.
Another morning. You're standing at a stop and you're mourning in the rain, but the taxi goes by. But there's a guy on a motorcycle who's obviously younger than you or your age. You don't have to choose, you're late. You're on your way. And then after tonight, you see him on the train and you think he's probably a courier. He's asking you out. Will you go? Or are you secretly in love with a colleague? Or maybe an invisible virtual boss?
You can start from anywhere on the plot.

2. Priority. Unpleasant future. Most countries understand that the republican form of government is not perfect and therefore returns to the monarchy. That's what happens to your country. The world is once again divided into rich and poor, but the richest and most powerful is, of course, the King. And the King has a son, an heir, who turned 19, who is looking for his wife among his people. In order to consolidate the stalemate in the State, the King proclaims that the princess may become any, regardless of the constituency. So I'm the prince of Maximilian. Who are you? What condition? A simple maid or a queen's freline? Are you in love with me or do you have someone? What goals do you pursue - love or crown? Are you afraid that as a predator, hundreds of cameras will be on you?
I'll explain that story. Yeah, it's a modern monarchy, because I don't want to know history, but the label is worth it. Yeah, I like the same, and the little girls and the ones who give up, but the last one, please, is fine. You may be of character, but respect and fear power in the face of the king and the prince is still worth it. And yes, ladies, ladies' clothes are dresses.
Last one. There's some kind of Monarchy show on it. Well, no, this story is supposed to be a radically different story from him, so the vulgar princesses - please don't come to me.

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