Enrolment Competition

Jubilee competitions 30, 35, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75
конкурсы для именинника и

The contest is divided into teams. The games of one team give each other a toy, even a paper plane, each of them sounding one of the pleasant desires of the Jubilee (health, happiness, success, etc.) The team wins, whose plane will fly faster to the jubila.

Jubilee alphabet

Participants in the competition or all guests are invited to choose one of the cards. Every card says a letter of alphabet. In the time indicated (e.g. in five minutes), it is necessary to draw up appendices for this letter describing the jubiler. Wins who can come up with 55 epitets and more.

Jubilee portrait

The contest is divided into teams. Each team has a Watman leaf. The games turn around, wear a mask or a blindfold, and wait for the lead. He announces what part of the body they're supposed to draw right now. The following participants are then approached and the competition continues. The winning team, drawing the best portrait, determines the name itself.

Jubilee applause

The leader reads real and fictional facts from the life of the jubila, his real and imaginary habits, addiction, etc., by worn them. If the phrase corresponds to reality, the bidders must clap in the lounge. If it's unrealistic, they're drowning. The winners are those who best know the jubila, who clap and sink in time. In a gift, the winners are allowed to take a picture with the birthday party or his autograph.

3D Portrait

The contestants are given balloons, and each player must paint a face on the ball, a portrait of the jubilee. The participant wins, whose work will be most realistic and similar to the " original " . Don't forget to take a picture of a jubilee with a connection of portraits in your hands!

Sleeping shackles

Each participant ' s leg is tied with an empty match box on a thread of about 50 cm. The participants dance to music, trying to dance on someone else's box while trying to protect their own. He wins the one who can keep his box for longer.

Blind painter

The contest is divided into teams. One player on every team is blindfolding and handing a stick and a pen. The rest produce a picture that should be written by a " blind painter " specifically for the jubilee. Team members can only point the direction of an artist ' s hands (e.g. right, left, down, up, circle, square). A team wins, a painter who looks more like the original.

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