Birthday At Home

Birthday classes
Как организовать детский день

The Home Festival created a massive encyclopedia of ideas for the celebration of the house. Here, you will find gifts, festival scenarios and ideas for child competitions to make a difference and make a real fun celebration.

You found contests and scenarios for the baby's birthday, choose!

Pre-school children and the youngest

You'll be able to organize a party for young guys on your own, because there's a five-year-old contest. These are both original dance contests and creative competitions for children. And for the smallest culprits of celebration, you'll find the lightest child competition.

You don't need a writer or a Tamada, because the family's birthday is the only thing you can do to take into account the interests and preferences of your favorite babies. All ideas are accessible, simple and do not require huge investment. 'Cause the holiday is, first and foremost, the atmosphere of happiness, and here you will find entertainment and entertainment. The most ridiculous competitions for children of different ages who fill the house with child laughs and carelessness.

Original and funny competitions for school-age children

The range of school years is too big to be universal, because the interests of the smallest and older children are fundamentally different. We therefore propose scenarios of celebration for each age separately. Do you want the idea of a contest for children from 7 to 10 years? We've got some possible plays and quiz scenarios.

What do you think about getting older guys? There will be appropriate competitions for children of 12, 13 and even 14 years in the Encyclopedia of the Day.

We've also taken care of those guys who are already willing to forgive the walls of the school: looking for the children's graduation contests.

Girls ' holiday and boys ' holiday

Your kids won't miss adult guests, because you're gonna take care of their peers and have the best games and quiz for the kids. We took into account different interests not only by age, but also by choice of different sexes. So in encyclopedia, you'll find the most interesting and fascinating scenarios for boys and girls. An invitation to friends in the courtyard, classmates and just peers is a real concern for children and a reason to buy wonderful friends in front of invited parents.

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