Birthday Apples

Birthday poems
Набор настоящему рыбаку

Let you be blessed and lucky,
Houses are waiting on the bus, the office, the day.
May you be a sacrifice of flames,
And it burns from passion, always your eyes.
In your house, let the luxury and the limbs,
On the door, leaving the rich fingerprints.
And I want to cry every day,
The silk pile of tears of happiness!


I want the money on you,
And you wouldn't fight back!
And joy and good luck are so tight,
That you would always be.
Colleagues respect for children to be loved,
If those you love you can love you!
And on the birthday, everyone always thought,
What do you want to get?


Make you feel better.
Nice poems on your birthday!
They have everything you've missed,
I wish a lot!
Let your luck turn.
And it's sunshine,
Proceed every hot beam
And gold will give you a key.
Happy, long, rich!
I want to smile!


You wish on your birthday,
To get you on the moon,
Raise your mood,
I put a star in my pocket.
I met the UFO,
It's all sealed up,
And he was happy with the descendants,
I got the medal for bravery!


Like Vinnie Spirit, I'll hurry up with my pot,
But I can't get a tail,
I wish you the money with the top,
To take your life!
And it's like the cartoon is in a warehouse,
To make everything a happy ending,
That's always the point,
I congratulated you very much.


You love good books,
Confets in colors.
On the shelves are fun bears.
And the fucking needles.
You love multals and fairy tales,
You're crying from sad movies.
May life not be pityful,
By leaving you naive.


I wish to conquer the summit.
Pick Communism, even Everest!
I don't know how much you're talking about,
Build a syndicate and a track!
To be fun and calm,
Always win,
To be healthy, beautiful and built,
Life exam for five!


You're straight, but competent,
Very powerful, but not evil.
Don't consider the compliment:
You're kind of cute.
We respect you very much.
And we want to invite you.
Sit behind a cup of tea,
Birthday Your wash!
Have fun,
Enjoy your soul!
And don't be so mean,
We're good too!


I want you to move,
Where I want to rest.
I didn't know the problem and the bitters.
Could've been a little longer in the morning...
I didn't know the food,
But the figure was saved.
Anyway, I wish I was born,
I wish you were happy!


We wish for happiness as clean as a crystal,
Good luck as the Roman rebel,
The big one is like an old oak,
Being young like a milk tooth.
For all the good to come true,
To make a lot of money,

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