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It's a big day, happy to launch Narda's mobile version of Long Arena. First of all, we've been waiting for this. A small fraction of the questions to the developers was that we're not doing anything to make people a favorite game in a convenient format. Simply put, the question always stood around: why am I attached to the computer? Why can't I take Narda Long with me? Why can't I play online anytime and anywhere? You can now! Take it, roll it, use it. That's nice, the players are bigger. Finally, we managed to bring together a multi-million-dollar audience. Now, people from all the Russian-speaking Internet - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Caucasus and Zacaucasia, Europe and the Baltics - come online to meet each other. Imagine, this is about 7,000 thousand people, the entire country! Now, all this gambling country, together with common interest, we are entering a new era of mobile games!
Of course we won't stop. First, m
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